Offshore Team

Our offshore team is comprised of highly competent, skilled technicians that nurture their professional reputation by living out the Team Trident values every day. Our personnel have to earn their position at Team Trident and then prove that they are a cut above the rest by the way they perform offshore and take care of each other.

We only work with people that have established a sterling professional reputation and have a track record of competence and success. Our clients deserve skilled, competent personnel that conduct themselves professionally.

Here are the minimum standards to join our TEAM:

  1. Must have a verifiable trade skill (i.e. electronics / electrical / mechanical / hydraulic or multiple of these)
  2. Must have 4 plus years of experience offshore (commercial or military)
  3. Must provide proof of consistent superior performance (past performance evaluations, awards, multiple past supervisor reference checks)
  4. Inducted and working on a competence scheme related to skill / position
  5. Proof of current fitness (OGUK) including current drug/alcohol, current survival training (BOSIET), current safety certifications (RigPass, SafeGulf, BP LTGO, etc)

For our offshore team, we provide training and competence reviews and pay for re-certifications to ensure our entire team meets the industry’s Safety Environmental Management System (SEMS) requirements.

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