Austin Heller

Our Values

Team Trident

We are the skilled PEOPLE side of the subsea construction industry. As a result, we hold ourselves to standards of conduct that help us build strong relationships with our clients, our offshore team members and our office staff. The Mission, Vision and Values we live by are;

Our Mission:

Deliver competent, skilled professionals with sterling reputations to our clients for work in the demanding, remote, and technically challenging subsea construction industry.

Our Vision:

Become the gold standard for offshore skilled personnel both in the way they perform and by the high regard others have in their ability.

Our Values:

Servant Leadership

  • Follow The Golden Rule
  • Treat others with dignity & respect
  • Put the needs of our offshore team & our clients ahead of our own
  • Always focus on Win-Win solutions
  • Honor all commitments
  • Accept responsibility for our mistakes

Competitive Spirit

  • Give your best effort daily
  • Desire to be the best at all we do
  • Be ethical & courageous
  • Display a sense of urgency at all times
  • Accept change & find ways to persevere

Positive Attitude

  • Have FUN
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously
  • Always compliment others on a job well done
  • Maintain perspective
  • Celebrate success
  • Enjoy your work
  • Be a passionate TEAM player

Work like a great TEAM

  • Safety and Reliability are our professional calling card
  • Friendly competent service at all times
  • Together Everyone Achieves More!!!!